option one



- bust

- maximum of 1 character

- doing 1 action or none

- details for 1 action included

- plain or colored background

*PayPal fees and taxes included

(hover on image to see colored background)

option two



- bust or half-body

- maximum of 1 character

- doing 1 action or none

- details for 1 action included

- minimal background design

*PayPal fees and taxes included

option three



- bust, half-body, or full body

- maximum of 2 characters or 1 character + 1 animal

- doing 2 actions or none

- details for 2 actions included

- full background design

*PayPal fees and taxes included


all commissions and highly customized commissions, please send an email including all details and references to hello@carishayabora.com

terms & conditions

1. All commissioned works are for personal use only. All rights reserved to the artist.

2. The artist will be able to share the process and finished commissioned work in their social media channels while protecting the personal information of the client.

3. If shared in a public space or social media channel, the client must visibly credit and/or tag the artist.

4. The client must be clear in detail and provide as many references as possible.

5. The artist will be able to work on a commissioned piece for at most 1 to 4 weeks.

6. All commissioned works are non-refundable.

7. Total maximum revisions of 3. Each additional revisions and characters will be priced at $5.00.

8. The client must pay the full amount and sign an online contract provided by the artist before starting the commissioned work.

9. All commissioned works are in PNG or JPEG format. Available sizes are square (2048x2048) and A4 (4000x5000/portrait or landscape). All works are set at 300+ dpi.

payment method

1. All payments must be sent through PayPal or Paymaya.

2. Payment is upfront or 50% to reserve your commission slot.

3. Payment is non-refundable.

4. Additional characters or revisions will be priced at $5.00 each.

commission process

1. The client will send an email to the artist providing the details and references of the commission work.

2. The artist will review the email and will have the right to accept or decline the commission.

3. Once the commission is accepted, the artist will send an online contract via email including the terms and conditions, the commission process, and the full prices which the client must sign. 


4. After contract signing, the client must pay the full amount or 50% to reserve a commission slot. Commission work will only begin once the amount is fully paid.

5. Contract signing and payment must be made at least within the next 48 hours after accepting the commission work. Any delay in this process will only delay the outcome deadline.

6. After the commission work begins, the artist will send the first draft for revisions. Maximum of 2 major revisions.

7. Once the first draft is approved, it will be colored in, detailed, and sent one last time for final approval. Maximum of 1 minor revision (color change only).

8. After approval, the artist will set the finishing touches and then send the completed work in PNG format unless the client requires a JPEG format.

contact details

For inquiries, send an email to hello@carishayabora.com

For Paymaya payments, send to:

Carisha Yabora


For PayPal payments, send to:


still got questions?

I can help! You can send your inquiries here:

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